Our Story

Fixate is a woman-owned and -led Princeton, New Jersey-based service created in 2019 by startup venture CuriousHer + CuriousHer LLC. The purpose-driven entity emerged out of a desire to help fabulous small business owners experience wild success and growth, however that is individually defined. Our core mission is rooted in a strong commitment to helping businesses realize the meaningful benefits of embracing the principles of inclusivity and diversity, alongside engaging consumers with clear, on-brand, professional communication that is letter perfect every time.

Fixate’s founder is a mother to three who decided to disrupt her career to achieve better work/life integration after spending 20 years as a financial news editor. She has lived, studied and/or worked in the Princeton area and has supported its small businesses since 1994. Motivated to build upon this prolonged and deep connection to, and knowledge of, the Princeton community, Fixate is uniquely positioned to offer Princeton-area businesses a fresh set of expert eyes and innovative ideas from a local’s perspective.

A good designer has a lot in common with a good researcher. Both hunt for excellence and perfection. And you have to really focus on the details, and you don’t really know what the final result will be before you have it.
— May-Britt Moser